Io from Juno during Perijove 51

2023-05-18 01:50 UT
Credit : NASA / SwRI / MSSS / Jason Perry © cc by
Submitted By : JasonPerry
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 51

Io as seen in JunoCAM's highest resolution view of the volcanic moon to date. This observation was acquired from a distance of 35,623 kilometers. The spatial resolution is 23.963 kilometers per pixel.

Several surface changes are apparent at the volcano Volund, near the terminator (boundary between Io's day and night sides) at lower right. The northern portions of its flow field is notably darker than it appeared 16 years ago during the New Horizons flyby, and additional lava flows are apparent on its western side. This matches areas of thermal emission seen at Volund in recent encounters by the Juno JIRAM instrument.