Juno uses a spinning, solar-powered spacecraft in a highly elliptical polar orbit that avoids most of Jupiter’s high-radiation regions.

Although the main spacecraft was built by Lockheed Martin, Juno’s instruments and components came from all over the world. Juno shipped in pieces to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where it was assembled and put on top of an Atlas V 551 rocket that blasted it off into space. 

While building the spacecraft, engineers took extreme care to keep it clean. They worked in a clean room and wore special suits that prevent dirt, dust, and hair from contaminating the craft.

Engineers tested every part of the spacecraft to ensure that it survives the harsh environment of outer space. They simulated the conditions that Juno may encounter in test chambers. For example, they tested how well components can withstand heat and vibration – a test often called shake ‘n’ bake.


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